Spare parts for decanters, centrifuges and seperators

Centrimax stocks an extensive range of used and non-used genuine spare parts (OEM) from GEA Westfalia Separator, Alfa Laval, Flottweg, Sharples etc.; with the exception of seals and bearings. For inquiry, please use our inquiry form for spare parts.

20032 Result(s)

Order Nr. Manufacturer Description
9999-0000-000 GEA Westfalia Separator
9999-0000-002 GEA Westfalia Separator
9999-0000-003 GEA Westfalia Separator
99991169-70 Alfa Laval
99991169-71 Alfa Laval
99999100-10 Alfa Laval
99999200-14 Alfa Laval
99999205-51 Alfa Laval
U-14-3 Flottweg
U-31-105 Flottweg
U-31-106 Flottweg
U-31-506 Flottweg

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