MAB 104 B-24 - Alfa Laval Solid-wall Disc Separators

MAB 104 B-24 - Alfa Laval
MAB 104 B-24
Alfa Laval
Solid-wall Disc Separators
Included in delivery:
  • Frame
  • Bowl
  • Motor
  • Hood
  • Valves
  • Foundation frame
  • Tools
  • Controls
  • Manual and spare parts list
Information about Solid Wall Disc Separators
In contrast to chamber separators, solid-wall disc separators possess so-called disc stacks which contain up to 200 stacked discs to increase the equivalent clarification area by several factors. The space available for collecting the separated solids, however, is not as large as in chamber separators so that solid-wall disc separators are primarily used for separating two liquids of different densities containing very few solids. The separated solids must also be removed manually as is the case with chamber separators.

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Spare parts

Spare parts

Centrimax stocks an extensive range of used genuine spare parts (OEM) with the exception of seals and bearings.
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