Inverting filter centrifuge

Similar to peeler centrifuges, inverting filter centrifuges have a drum that rotates around the horizontal axis. As opposed to the peeler centrifuge the inverting filter centrifuge is, however, in a position to completely transport the solid material retained by the filter material, free of remnants, from the drum chamber, i.e. without a layer remaining in the drum. Thus a fully automatic charge operation is possible with the inverting filter centrifuge.

With the inverting filter centrifuge the filter cake is pushed out of the drum using a push bottom. In this process the push bottom is pushed so far out of the drum that the filter cloth is inverted, enabling a residual free emptying. The lack of mechanical clearing aids ensures a minimal crystal destruction. Due to the possibility of washing the solid material cake retained by the filter cloth highest product purity is enabled.

In 1977 Heinkel brought the first inverting filter centrifuge type “HF” onto the market. Since then this has been permanently further developed, so that today various additional options are available such as, e.g. the hyper-centrifugation (centrifugal dehumidifying plus discharge gas overlaying). At this point, this further development will not be dealt with in detail.

Areas of use are found in the chemical, the pharmaceutical and the raw material industry, above all for valuable products with the risk of particle breakage where a high degree of purity and a low residual moisture is to be achieved. The inverting filter centrifuge is also suitable for fine crystalline products and thixotropic media.

Centrimax has inverting filter centrifuges made by Heinkel.

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