Peeler centrifuge

The Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH supplies peeler centrifuges for industrial use. These are used peeler centrifuges from the leading manufacturers, which are refurbished by Centrimax and subsequently delivered with a new PLC sytsem and with a guarantee. Peeler centrifuges (also called horizontal centrifuges) belong to the filtration centrifuges and have a perforated drum, which, as rule rotates around a horizontal axis.

A peeler centrifuge can, on the one hand, be equipped with a perforated drum; this then belongs to the discontinuous filter centrifuges. On the other hand, there are peeler centrifuges in the variant with a solid wall drum; these then belong to the discontinuous sedimentation centrifuges. In the following, only centrifuges with perforated drums will be considered.

As a rule, peeler centrifuges rotate around a horizontal axis. There are, however, peeler centrifuges with a vertical axis of rotation.

The peeler centrifuge is extremely robust and achieves very high speeds of rotation. The solid material is periodically discharged with the help of a hydraulically driven, movable blade (peeled out). Peeler centrifuges have a wide range of applications. Depending on the design, the peeling blade can be used at the operational speed of rotation and the product thus discharged. The product peeled out then exits the drum chamber either via an installed chute or an installed screw conveyor.

So that the peeler blade, for safety reasons, cannot come into complete contact with the filter cloth, but maintains a safety gap to the filter cloth, a residual layer remains in the drum (the so-called basic layer) after the peeling of the solid material restrained by the filter cloth.
Peeler centrifuges are built with a drum diameter of up to 1.8 m (formerly up to 2 m).

Peeler centrifuges have a wide range of applications. Typical applications for peeler centrifuges are inorganic and organic crystal products, and biological products such as starch, antibiotics, proteins, fish meal etc.

Centrimax has peeler centrifuges made by Andritz Separation (formerly KMPT or Krauss Maffei), Heinkel (formerly Ellerwerk or GfT).

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