Pendulum centrifuge (three column centrifuge)

Pendulum centrifuges - used but completely refurbished with new controller and guarantee can be found at the Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH.

The pendulum centrifuge (three column centrifuge) is also called a vertical centrifuge. It can be equipped with filter drum (filtration drum) for purifying suspensions or with a sedimentation drum for separating liquids, which, in both cases rotate round a vertical axis.
The version with the filtration drum is a centrifuge that is operated discontinuously.
The version with the sedimentation drum is centrifuge that is operated continuously using the overflow process with liquid peeling pipes.

With the three column centrifuges (pendulum centrifuges) the separated solid material is either removed manually when the drum is at a standstill or (only for filtration drums) periodically transported downwards with the help of a hydraulically driven, movable peeling blade in the rotating drum.

Pendulum centrifuges with perforated filtration drum for purifying suspensions

In this case the suspension to be purified of solid materials is fed in.
The solid material retained by the filter cloth is either removed upwards manually when the drum is at a standstill or, with the help of a sack hung into the perforated drum, pulled upwards out of the drum. The sack can be relieved of the spun off solid material by discharging at the bottom.

Pendulum centrifuges with unperforated solid wall drum for separating liquids

Here, the liquid fed in is a liquid mixture of 2 liquids of different densities that are insoluble in each other. The liquids separate from each other in the centrifugal field in the drum and are drained off separately.

An advantage of the pendulum centrifuges is, that due to the elastic mountings of the machine housing no reinforced foundation is necessary.

Centrimax has pendulum centrifuges with filtration drums and sedimentation drums made by CEPA (Carl Padberg) and Heinkel (formerly Ellerwerk or GfT or Heine).

The areas of use for pendulum centrifuges (three column centrifuges) are found in the lower and medium performance in the chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries.

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