Pusher centrifuge

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The pusher centrifuge belong to the continuously operating filter centrifuges (filtration centrifuges) or screen centrifuges and features one or more concentric drums with slotted sieves fitted to the axle. Pusher centrifuges are available in models with horizontal as well as vertical rotation axes.

The solid material retained in the drum by the slotted sieve is continuously discharged from the pusher centrifuge by means of an oscillating push bottom. Single stage and multi-stage models exist. On multi-stage pusher centrifuges the front edge of the drum (the edge bead) of a drum stage is used as a pusher plate for the next stage (for the next drum arranged outside).
Since, on multi-stage pusher centrifuges the cake must not be pushed in one piece over the complete length of the drum, the force required is lower than on a single stage centrifuge with the same total drum length. Soluble contamination in the solid material cake retained by the slotted sieve can be washed out using the washing unit.

Pusher centrifuges are particularly suitable for the dehumidification of abrasive media.
The pusher centrifuge is used, above all, in the potash and salt industries and for other fertiliser salts, in many sectors of treatment and environmental technology and in the chemical pharmaceutical industry. And also in the foodstuff and fodder industry.
Pusher centrifuges are built with a drum diameter of up to ca. 1.4m.

Chip centrifuges belong, among others, to the pusher centrifuges. Chip centrifuges are used for drying short, free-flowing metal chips that are coated with emulsion or oil. Due to the conical form of the drum, the chips are continuously pushed over an abrasive resistant slotted sieve and dried by the high centrifugal forces.

Centrimax has pusher centrifuges (filtration centrifuges) made by Siebtechnik and Andritz Separation (formerly KMPT or Krauss Maffei).

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