Tubular centrifuge

Tubular centrifuges - used but completely refurbished with new controller and guarantee can be found at the Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH.

The tubular centrifuges belong to the high speed sedimentation centrifuges and, with respect to the inflow and outflow of the liquids; and with respect to the discharge of the solid material spun off in the drum, however operate discontinuously. That is to say the solid material must be removed manually.
The tubular centrifuge has a cylindrical tubelike drum, usually with a relatively small diameter. Due to the high-strength material of the centrifuge drum and because of the small diameter of the drum, tubular centrifuges can achieve very high rotational speeds.

The tubular centrifuge’s drum can be designed for purifying a suspension (solid-fluid separation) of for separating a liquid mixture (fluid-fluid separation). Hereby the fluids may not be soluble in each other and must have different densities.
The liquid (suspension or liquid mixture) is, as a rule, fed in at the bottom, rises in the drum and leaves the upper end of the drum purified (for a suspension) or separated (in the case of a liquid mixture.
The centrifugal effect (depending on the diameter of the drum) can be up to 20,000g.

The possible areas of use are widespread. Tubular centrifuges are used, for example, in the paint and colour industry, in the cooking oil, grease and soap industry, in the chemical pharmaceutical industry, in the waxwear industry etc. A specially cooled version of the tubular centrifuge can also be used for the fractionation of human blood.

Centrimax has tubular centrifuges made by CEPA (Carl Padberg) and Sharples.

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