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The so-called screen scroll centrifuges also belong to the continuously operating filter and screen centrifuges. Screen scroll centrifuges also belong to the filtration centrifuges. A screen scroll centrifuge has a conical, perforated drum which is fitted with a screen plate. The design of the slotted sieve (shape of the hole, hole diameter) depends on the respective product to be centrifuged. Mostly the drum rotates around a horizontal axis. There are, however, worm screen centrifuges that rotate round a vertical axis.

Hereby the solid material retained by the slotted sieve is continuously discharged by means of a screw conveyor rotating in the drum at a different speed.
The filtrate throughput performance of a filter centrifuge or of a slot screen centrifuge depends on the drainage properties of the solid material cake formed. Since a moving solid material cake is more porous than an motionless, solidified cake, a screen scroll centrifuge has a very high filter surface performance as a result of the continuous circulation of the cake. The high porosity of the filter cake continuously being circulated can, however, result in increased sieve losses.

Furthermore the danger of crystal breakage increases as a result of the circulation. The screen scroll centrifuge is preferably used for dehydrating crystalline products, which can stand up to a robust treatment e.g. fine coal, residual salts, fertiliser salts, other organic crystalline products (e.g. naphthalene, oxalates, but also foodstuffs such as, e.g. milk sugar, cane sugar, starch, protein etc.). The screen scroll centrifuge is almost completely insensitive to fluctuations and / or low solid material concentrations in the suspension.

In our opinion the market leader in the screen scroll centrifuge sector is Siebtechnik with the “Conturbex” product range. "Konturbex").

Centrimax has screen screw centrifuges made by Siebtechnik (Conturbex or Konturbex) and Sharples.

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