If you are looking for a used Sedicanter® then we are the right address! Centrimax supplies refurbished Sedicanter made by Flottweg with a new controller and guarantee.

Areas of application for sedicanters

(Sedicanter® = registered trademark of the Flottweg AG)

Sedicanters are used especially for applications where the solid materials are difficult to sediment and are too fine grained for a decanter centrifuge and the solid material content is too high for centrifugal separators. Furthermore the solid materials to be separated should not tend to compacting, be free of coarse material and have good flow properties.

Typical areas of application are e.g.

  • Beer recovery
  • Separation of e.g. yeast cells or bacteria from fermentation brews
  • Purification of soya milk (for separating the okara)
  • Separating (concentrating) algae
  • Purifying sugar sirup
  • etc.

Functional and constructional characteristics of sedicanters

Sedicanter® are a special type of decanter, which equally unite the advantages of separators and decanters.
For this high performance, horizontal centrifuge, the normally cylindrical long drum part on normal decanters is made as a slight cone which phases over on to a second short, steep cone.
The solid material spun off in the centrifugal field of the drum then slides, supported by the screw conveyor rotating at a different speed, over the flat cone to the joint of the two cones. There, a submerged stationary disc is situated through whose slot to the drum shell the solid material is pressed and thus reaches the short, steep cone. From there it is discharged from the drum with the help of the screw conveyor.

Furthermore, one special feature is that the solid material discharge and the liquid discharge are at the same position. The liquid is discharge under pressure during operation by an adjustable peeling plate.

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