Tricanter / three-phase decanter / separation decanter

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Then Centrimax is the right address for you. We supply used but refurbished tricanter (Flottweg nomenclature) respectively three phase decanters (also known as separation decanters; GEA Westfalia Separator nomenclature) with new PLC system and guarantee from the leading manufacturers.

Areas of application for tricanters (3 phase decanters)

Tricanters respectively 3 phase decanters (respectively separation decanters) are used for the clarification and simultaneous separation of fluids of different densities.

The tricanters / three phase decanters perform a 3 phase separation (solid-liquid-liquid separation) of dispersions of solid material and two non-mixable liquids of different densities.

Typical areas of application for tricanters are thus

  • Treatment of sludges containing oil
  • Separation of oil-water emulsions contaminated by solid materials
  • Extraction of animal and plant oils and fat
  • Furthermore
    • Fish press water from the fishmeal industry
    • Manufacturing starch
    • Olive oil

Functional and constructional characteristics of tricanters

Functionality of a three-phase decanter
Functionality of a three-phase decanter

Due to the high rotational speed of the drum solid material particles are deposited on the inner wall of the drum; at the same time the two liquids are separated from each other.
The solid material particles spun off to the outside are continuously transported to the solid material discharge by the integrated screw conveyor. 
The two liquid phases, separated from each other and almost completely free of solid material, overlay each other according to their density and leave the separation chamber by separate openings at the opposite end of the drum (cylindrical drum end).
The two liquid phases can either be discharged freely (e.g. over a weir) or under pressure (by means of an integrated pump; peeling plate also called gripper).

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