Two phase decanter / clarification decanter

Centrimax, the specialist for industrial centrifuges, supplies used two phase decanters from the leading manufacturers Flottweg, GEA Westfalia Separator, Alfa Laval, Siebtechnik, Andritz, Sharples etc. - used - general overhaul - with new PLC system and guarantee.

Areas of application for two phase decanters

Two phase decanters (2 phase decanters) also simply known as decanter or a clarification decanter (GEA Westfalia Separator description), are used for the continuous separation of solid materials from liquids with a high solid materials content.

Typical areas of application for two phase decanters are

  • Food industry
  • Drinks industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Waste water systems

Functional and constructional characteristics of two phase decanters

In a clarification decanter a 2 phase separation (solid-liquid separation) takes place. Due to the high rotational speed of the drum, the solid material particles are deposited on the wall of the drum and are transported away by the integrated screw conveyor to the solid material discharge.
The purified fluid, almost completely free of solid material, exits the two phase decanter through openings at the opposite end of the drum. The fluid can be discharged without pressure or under pressure (using a gripper or a peeling plate).

The dry content of the continuously discharged solid material can be influenced by the retention time of the material being centrifuged in the centrifugal field of the rotating drum, and also by the duration in the so-called drying zone of the two phase decanter.

The degree of clarification of the purified liquid being continuously discharged can also be influenced by the retention time in the centrifugal field of the two phase decanter and, in addition, by the duration in the so-called clarification zone.

By the selection of:

  • Screw conveyor design
  • Type of drive (e.g. changeable rotational speed of the screw conveyor during operation)
  • Rotational speed of the drum
  • Rotor geometry (drum and screw conveyor)

influence can be had on the desired spin result.

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