Rotary brush strainer

Centrimax supplies used but refurbished rotary brush strainer sieves from various manufacturers.
Thanks to an extensive general overhaul and delivery with a mechanical guarantee, the rotary brush strainer sieves supplied by us fulfil the highest quality requirements.
Together with a centrifugal separator and a new PLC-system we enable a trouble-free integration in the existing manufacturing process and realise the characteristics of a new machine.

Following counts as typical areas of application for rotary brush strainer sieves:

  • Pre-purification of liquids and suspensions
  • Pre-purification of nozzle separators to prevent the separator nozzles clogging
  • To protect downstream heat exchangers and pumps
  • etc.


For the trouble-free operation of centrifugal separators a preliminary screening of the liquid to be processed is, in many cases, necessary.

Foreign materials are, for example, welding beads from pipes, flaked off encrustations or other larger particles, that would otherwise result in the drum clogging at the jets, can thus be removed beforehand. On these continuously operating machines the solid materials are retained on the inner wall of the perforated screen jacket and conveyed into the solid material chamber by rotary brush strainers. From time to time the retained solid material can be removed from the rotary brush strainer sieve via an overflow.

Methos of operating

The sieve consists of a stainless steel housing with a vertical perforated cylinder through which the liquid can flow.
Solid material particles that are larger than the sieve perforation are retained and conveyed downwards by rotary brush strainers fitted to a central shaft. The shaft is driven by motor fitted to the top. The particles collected are discharged at the lower conical end. This cone can be easily opened for inspection and for adjusting the brushes.

Areas of application

The rotary brush strainer sieves are used, among others, in the starch producing industry for potatoes, wheat, maise, yeast or spirits factories, in breweries, fruit juice press houses, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, for waste water treatment etc.

GEA Westfalia Separator are the manufacturers with the types in the BS product line and Alfa Laval with the types in the SIL line.

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