Intense Stress Test

Full-service at it's best. By procurement of an overhauled cetrifuge, you save the high input cost of a new machine and minimize the often long delivery period, thanks to Centrimax's constant availability. If you wish, our specialists even help you in startup and the process of integration on the spot.

After being overhauled, all machines undergo a test run on our own test bench. We conduct a variety of vibration and air tightness tests. The results are documented in our 102-point test report. The machine is only approved for release after being signed off by all department heads.

The major part of our customers trust in the expertise of Centrimax in the start up on the spot and the implementation into the existing process. We posses more than 50 years of experience in the field of centrifugal separation technology. Resulting from this fact we have a comprehensive processing and machinery know how we would like to provide you with.

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