In general complete- or service-overhauled, refurbished centrifuges are applied a new, process-specific and customized PLC System (Siemens S7, OP with visualisation). The control is optimized for the particular centrifuge.

Depending on the customers desires, the machine, the automated valves and the connected pumps and the loop system can be controlled.

A graphiccompatible operator panel enables a user-friendly handling via functionkeys (on customer request also with a comfortable Touch-Panel). Data exchange with other controls (e.g. central control, control system) is realized depending on customer request for zero-potential contacts, Ethernet or a professional-bus-connection. Thus it is secured, that the centrifuges can be implemented smooth into the existing processes.

Every control is being tested on our engine test bed, before delivery, so our experts can make a fast and smooth set up on the customers spot.

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