Chamber separator

General overhauled chamber separators from GEA Westfalia Separator with new PLC system and with guarantee can be found at the Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH.

The chamber separator - or also solid wall separator - has a drum, which, in order to increase the equivalent purifying surface, is fitted with a number of concentric cylinders nested in each other. The chamber thus formed is flowed through by the fluid, from the inside to the outside, and means, for the suspension being purified, a relatively short deposit path for the solid material particles to separated and, at the same time, a relatively long retention time.

With the regards to the liquid phase to be extracted the chamber separator runs continuously; with regards to the solid material extraction discontinuously. The volume of spun off solid materials that can be accommodated is high. As long as the consistency of the spun off solid material allows, the sediment can become firm. However, the chamber separator must be at a standstill before removing the sediment and manually cleaning.

Chamber separators are used for the purification of suspensions or liquids (as a purifying separator) as well as for the extraction of solid materials from liquids. As a rule, a chamber separators can also be used if, for example, due to the consistency, the solid material spun off cannot be discharged a by self-emptying disc separators.

Chamber separator drum

The drum of a chamber separator can be fitted with a so-called 2 chamber insert or with a 6 chamber insert.
A 2 chamber drum is used, as a rule, if the feedstock can be easily purified, or has a high solid material content (e.g. for separating metal chips from cooling oil, cleaning paint etc.).

A 6 chamber drum is used, as a rule, if the feedstock is difficult to purify, or has a low solid material content (e.g. purifying varnish, fruit juice, wine etc.).

The feedstock is fed into the drum centrally and flows through the chambers from the inside to the outside. Since the centrifugal force increases with the distance from the rotational axis, the larger particles are spun off in the inner chamber(s) and the smaller particles in the outer chamber(s).

The purified liquid is then discharged under pressure by an installed pump (named gripper or peeling disc).

Chamber separator drive

As a rule, chamber separators are driven using helical gears.
The lubrication of all bearings as well as of the gearbox is done automatically by a central oil sump.

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