Disc stack centrifuge

The Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH supplies used, but refurbished disc stack centrifuges made by GEA Westfalia Separator and Alfa Laval (Tetra Pak) for the most varied areas of use.

The disc stack centrifuge has a drum chamber, which, in order to increase the equivalent purifying surface is fitted with a large number of conical so-called “discs”. With regards to the discharge of the purified respectively the liquid phases separated from each other all disc stack centrifuges work continuously. A disc stack centrifuge can be delivered in the purifying separator version (also named purifier or clarificator) as well as in the separator version (also named separator or purifier respectively concentrator). With regards to the discharge of the solid material the situation can be described as follows.

Disc stack centrifuge self-discharging

Functional description of a disc stack centrifuge
Functional description of a disc stack centrifuge

Self-discharging or also self-cleaning, self-emptying or automatic centrifugal separators operate with respect the discharge of the solid material partially continuously (pseudo continuously) and are characterised by the fact that the solid material in the drum, spun off by the centrifugal force, can be periodically discharged without the disc stack centrifuge having to be stopped. This is achieved by the lower part of the double coned solid material chamber being lowered hydraulically, whereby a ring gap opens, through which the sediments can be pushed out at full rotational speed. The self-cleaning disc stack centrifuge (high speed separators) are thus suitable for medium solid material contents in the suspension being fed in (up to ca. 10% by volume as a guideline).

A self-cleaning (self-discharging or automatic) disc stack centrifuge is, as a rule, also CIP capable. The automatic CIP cleaning is integrated by the controller. As a rule, the volume of the solid material discharge during an emptying cycle can be set. In the case of a complete emptying of the drum, one also speaks of a full emptying or total emptying; for a smaller emptying one then speaks of a partial emptying.

Solid wall disc stack centrifuge

With respect to the discharge of the solid material the solid wall disc stack centrifuge operates discontinuously, i.e. the high speed separator must first of all be stopped in order to remove the spun off sediments manually. The solid wall separators are thus, with respect to purification, only suitable for low solid material contents in the suspension being fed in (up to ca. 1% by volume as a guideline) or for the separation of two liquids of different density.

Nozzle separators

In the case of the nozzle separator the sediments spun off in the centrifugal field are continuously discharged by nozzles installed in the drum. Nozzle separators are suitable for a solid material content in the in-feed of up to 25% by volume (rough guideline).

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