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You are looking for a used, but refurbished nozzle separator for industrial use? Then the Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH is the right address for you.
We supply refurbished nozzle separators with new PLC system and guarantee made by GEA Westfalia Separator and Alfa Laval.

In a sense the nozzle separator belongs to the disc stack centrifuges, since, here, conical discs are also used to increase the equivalent purification surface.
Nevertheless, the nozzle separators must be mentioned specially, since the nozzle separator, due to the continuous solid material discharge via nozzles installed in the drum, can be used for a number of applications for which the “normal” (self-cleaning) disc separator is unsuitable. Due to the continuous solid material discharge, nozzle separators can be used for feedstock with a solid material content of up to 25% by volume (rough guideline).

The nozzle separator is used, above all, if a high solid material thickening with, at the same time, optimal purification is required, or, if fluids with a high solid material content are to separated at a high throughput.

A nozzle separator can be supplied with a purification drum or a separator drum. This results in new areas of application as a purifier or concentrator (e.g. in the manufacture of antibiotics, china clay, starches, yeasts, quark etc.) and as a separator (e.g. extracting oil from oil sand, oil from oil shale etc.).

Nozzle separator drum

Functional description of a nozzle separator
Functional description of a nozzle separator

The liquid to be separated is fed into the drum centrally, while passing the disc packet the solid material particles are separated from the fluid and are guided outwards into the so-called sludge chamber in the drum. There the solid materials are continuously discharged out of the drum. At this point it must be mentioned that, depending on the concrete application, different nozzles are used, that are placed in different positions in the drum (e.g. in the wall of the drum or in the bottom of the drum). 
Depending of the problem, nozzle separators can also be equipped with a concentrate recirculation or a washing device. 

Furthermore, nozzle separators (depending on the application) can, in addition to the nozzle discharge, also be equipped with a system for periodic solid material ejection (as on self-cleaning disc separators).

Thus there is a “tailor-made” nozzle drum type for every application.

As a rule the nozzle separator is CIP capable.

Nozzle separator drive

With regards to the drive, there are different versions of nozzle separators. The drum can be driven via helical gears as well as by a belt.

The lubrication of all bearings on the drum spindle and the gearbox is done automatically from a central oil sump. Oil level / lubricating oil circulation can be checked in an inspection glass.

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