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A 614 HGV-34

Alfa Laval
Self-cleaning Disc stack Centrifuges


Type: A 614 HGV-34

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval

Description: Self-cleaning Disc stack Centrifuges

Bowl type: Intermittent solids discharge

Bowl inlet: Hermetic

Bowl outlet of light liquid: Hermetically sealed bowl

Bowl outlet of heavy liquid: Hermetic discharge

Bowl discharge initiation: Timer triggered ejection

Degree of bowl discharge: Variable ejection

Bowl design: Bowl for clarification

Drive: Direct drive

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The Alfa Laval disc separator A 614 HGV-34 represents a sophisticated solution in the category of self-discharging disc separators and is specifically designed for the efficient separation of solids from liquids. This model is characterized by intermittent solid discharge and a sliding bottom in the drum type, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in various application areas.

A standout feature of the A 614 HGV-34 is the hermetic inlet, which guarantees contamination-free processing, making it ideal for sensitive production processes. Thanks to time-controlled emptying, the separator can be precisely adjusted to the respective production requirements, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal product losses.

The drum of the A 614 HGV-34 is designed as a clarifier, allowing for a clear separation of phases and significantly enhancing the quality of the end product. Direct drive ensures high energy efficiency and reduces maintenance efforts by minimizing the number of moving parts.

In summary, the Alfa Laval disc separator A 614 HGV-34 offers outstanding performance and reliability for applications requiring precise separation of solids from liquids. Its advanced features and consistent adherence to quality standards make it a valuable addition to any production facility that places the highest value on efficiency, hygiene, and product quality.

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