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AVNX 4545

Alfa Laval


Type: AVNX 4545

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval

Description: Two-Phase-Decanters

Bowl diameter: 450

Bowl design: Steep angle design

L/D ratio: Standard

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The Alfa Laval two-phase decanter AVNX 4545 represents the pinnacle of innovation in separation technology, specially developed to meet the demands of modern separation processes. With a drum diameter of 450 mm and a sophisticated steep cone drum, this device offers optimized performance for the efficient separation of solids and liquids.

The standard drum length of the AVNX 4545 ensures an excellent balance between throughput and separation efficiency, making it a versatile tool in a wide range of application areas. From wastewater treatment to food processing, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries – the AVNX 4545 excels in even the most challenging separation tasks with ease.

The robust construction and high-quality manufacturing guarantee a long service life and minimize maintenance effort, making the AVNX 4545 an economical choice for any production facility. With its advanced technology and efficiency, this two-phase decanter not only enables a significant increase in process efficiency but also a substantial reduction in operating costs.

For the acquisition of the Alfa Laval two-phase decanter AVNX 4545, Centrimax is at your disposal as a reliable and experienced supplier. With a comprehensive range of high-quality machines and excellent customer service, Centrimax is the ideal partner to find the perfect solution for your specific separation requirements. Trust in Centrimax to maximize the efficiency of your processes while securing economic viability.

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