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BTPX 205 TGT-75

Alfa Laval
Self-cleaning Disc stack Centrifuges


Type: BTPX 205 TGT-75

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval

Description: Self-cleaning Disc stack Centrifuges

Bowl type: Intermittent solids discharge

Bowl inlet: Gravity discharge

Bowl outlet of light liquid: Fixed paring device

Bowl outlet of heavy liquid: Fixed paring device

Bowl discharge initiation: Timer triggered ejection

Degree of bowl discharge: Total ejection

Bowl design: Concentrator

Drive: Direct drive

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The Alfa Laval disc separator BTPX 205 TGT-75 represents a top solution in the field of self-discharging disc separators. This state-of-the-art device is specially designed for the efficient separation of solids and liquids, featuring intermittent solid discharge and a slide-bottom. With its open inlet and fixed peeling devices for both the light and heavy phases, the BTPX 205 TGT-75 enables precise and controlled processing of various media.

The time-controlled discharge and the ability to completely empty the drum content ensure optimal productivity and minimize product losses. The separator's drum is designed as a concentrator, further enhancing the efficiency of separation and concentration of the processed products.

This high-performance machine is powered by a direct drive, known for its reliability and low maintenance effort. Through the use of advanced technologies and construction from high-quality materials, the BTPX 205 TGT-75 not only offers exceptional separation performance but also a long lifespan and easy maintenance.

Whether in the food, pharmaceutical, or chemical industries, the Alfa Laval BTPX 205 TGT-75 is the ideal choice for operations that demand the highest standards of efficiency, hygiene, and product quality.

Centrimax stands as a good and reliable supplier for acquiring this innovative and powerful machine. With comprehensive expertise and excellent customer service, Centrimax supports you in finding the perfect solution for your specific separation process requirements.

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