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CA 505-02-10

GEA Westfalia Separator
Three Phase Decanters (Tricanter)


Type: CA 505-02-10

Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia Separator

Description: Three Phase Decanters (Tricanter)

Bowl design: Flat angle design

L/D ratio: Extended

Housing design: Normal design

Liquid discharge: Gravity discharge of heavy phase, light phase under pressure

Type of drive: V-belt drive with clutch

Type of conveyor drive: Gear drive

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Description of the Two-Phase-Decanter:

This clarifying decanter is a continuously operating full mantle worm screen centrifuge for the separation of solids from suspensions, equipped with a peeling disc for the discharge of the clarified liquid under pressure.


All parts in contact with the spun material are made of CrNiMo steel. All sealing elements in contact with the spun material are made of NBR (Perbunan).


The supporting housing parts are made of quality grey cast iron. The solids collection chamber is lined with 1.4404 and equipped with mating flange and seal.

Bowl and Worm:

The decanter is equipped with an 8° flat cone bowl. For wear protection, the solids discharge is equipped with replaceable stainless steel bushes.


The bowl is driven by a 90 KW three-phase motor, protection class: IP 55 via a fluid coupling.

Spun material connection:

The centrifugal feed is equipped with an elastic connecting piece with flanges according to DIN 2633.

Pond depth adjustment:

Quantity-independent pneumatic pond depth adjustment using the patented Varipond P system.

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