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HSG 1200

Vibrating discharge centrifuges


Type: HSG 1200

Manufacturer: Siebtechnik

Description: Vibrating discharge centrifuges

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The sliding discharge centrifuge is our most powerful centrifuge when it comes to solid quantity throughput. The solid material is transported through the strainer of the conically expanding bowl via the interaction of inclination and axial vibration of the bowl.

For a controlled sliding speed, the inclination angle must be slightly smaller than the sliding friction angle of the product to be dehydrated - the axial vibration acceleration is sufficient to overcome the remaining difference in product friction on the strainer. Since the design limits of vibration acceleration are relatively limited, sliding discharge centrifuges generally need to be operated with centrifugal accelerations below 120 G.

Primarily, they are suitable for coarse-grained or otherwise easily dehydratable mass materials, such as washed fine coal, middlings or washed smalls in mineral coal processing, for solution and washing residues in potash processing, sea salt, concrete sand, etc.

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