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NX 5040

Alfa Laval

Type: NX 5040

Manufacturer: Alfa Laval

Description: Two-Phase-Decanters

Bowl diameter: 478

Bowl design: Flat angle design

L/D ratio: Standard

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The Alfa Laval decanter centrifuges are designed especially to operate in separation jobs, where high demands are put to clarification of the liquid and to the dryness of the solids discharged.

Length: 4370 – 5290 mm
L/D ratio: 3,2 – 5,1
Weight: 3800 – 4200 kg
Volume aprox.: 5 – 45 m³/h
Bowl speed: 1500- 2700 U/min
Number of g's max.: up to 2000 g


  • Decanters operate efficiently and continuously
  • Decanters can be tuned to the optimum performance according to the feed
  • Decanters are compact in themselves, they do not need much peripheral equipment
  • A decanter is a closed system. There are no splashing or odors
  • Extra erosion protection is added at sensitive spots


Direct Drive is a unique system developed by Alfa Laval for automatic control of the differential speed between the bowl and the conveyor. Direct Drive comprises a new type of gearbox and variable frequency drive, which do not expose the bowl drive to parasitic braking power loss. The electrical installation is straightforward, power consumption is kept to a minimum and accurate control is achieved within a wide range of differentials.
Or the decanter is controlled by a dedicated control system with a central processor, featuring a graphic interface. The system controls the Direct Drive, dependent on the solids load in the bowl.

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