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Type: Z6E-4/401

Manufacturer: Flottweg

Description: Two-Phase-Decanters

Bowl diameter: 620

L/D ratio: Extended

Material: Stainless steel

Liquid discharge: With paring disc

Bowl design: Flat angle design

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The FLOTTWEG two-phase decanter Z6E-4/401 represents the latest generation in separation technology, tailored for the efficient separation of solids and liquids. With a drum diameter of 620 mm and an extended slimness degree, this advanced decanter combines impressive robustness with exceptional precision aimed at effectively mastering a variety of challenges in process engineering.

Equipped with a flat cone in the drum design, the Z6E-4/401 offers optimized solid concentration and efficient separation, while the scroll disc ensures continuous and reliable liquid discharge. This thoughtfully designed combination of features enables an improved clear phase and effective solid dewatering, making the Z6E-4/401 an indispensable component for processes that require precise two-phase separation.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this decanter not only ensures longevity and corrosion resistance but also easy cleaning and maintenance. This makes it the optimal choice for use in industries where the highest standards of hygiene and quality are demanded.

In summary, the FLOTTWEG Z6E-4/401 two-phase decanter offers an outstanding solution for the challenging separation of solids and liquids. With its advanced features and strict adherence to quality standards, it is a valuable addition to any production facility that prioritizes efficiency, hygiene, and the highest product quality.

Centrimax stands as a good and reliable supplier for acquiring this innovative machine, convincing with comprehensive expertise and excellent customer service. Rely on Centrimax to find the perfect solution for your separation process requirements.

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