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Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH (Inc.) supplies refurbished industrial centrifuges, centrifugal separators and decanter centrifuges, as well cutter-blenders of the Alfa Laval brand.

The Alfa Laval enterprise was founded in 1883 by Gustav de Laval in Sweden and is a leading provider of centrifugal liquids-solids separation technologies. Alfa Laval has its headquarters in Lund, Sweden and is today represented on all continents and in around 100 countries.

Centrimax carries out a general overhaul of separators and decanters to the highest degree of reliability, and the centrifuges can be integrated in already existing processes without difficulty by combination with the new SPS control facility.

Before the equipment is supplied, it is subjected to comprehensive test-bench running. The equipment is then supplied to customers covered by a mechanical warranty.

The Centrimax supply range of Alfa Laval centrifuges includes:

The clarifier is a separation system with an operating principle which is designed for 2-phase and can fine solid particles (solids) from liquids (liquid phase) remove (separation of a liquid from a solid). The clarifier is i.a. also called a decanter centrifuge.

The concentrator clears 3 phases each other, the light phase to the winning product. Here are 2 liquids (liquid phase) and solids (solids) separate roads noble density (light and heavy) separated. An example would be the removal or separation of oil from wash emulsions.

The purifier is also a 3 phase machine. Unlike the concentrator, however, the heavy phase is about winning product at the Purifikatoren in the separation. An example of the use of the Purifikator is the removal of a liquid (liquid phase), such as Water from mineral oils. The Purifikator is similarly referred to the clarifier as decanter centrifuge.

* Centrimax is not a authorisied partner of Alfa Laval

Centrifugal separators from Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval essentially provides 3 possibilities for the separating of solids and fluids via separator equipment:

Self-cleaning disc stack centrifuges (clarifiers, purifiers and concentrators)

For discontinuing solids’ discharge, extraction output apertures in the drum exterior casing are briefly opened at certain intervals in a carefully elaborated system to enable the collected solids to be discharged.

Solid-wall disc stack centrifuges (purifiers, concentrators)

As a differentiation from the forementioned methods, the running of these centrifuges is stopped and the drum opened in order to permit the manual removal of the residual solids.

Nozzle separators (clarifiers)

In this continuous method of solids’ discharge, the solids and the fluids are discharged from the drum casing via jets.

Decanter centrifuges from Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval decanter equipment is designed for the mechanical separation of sludge in one or two liquid stages and a solid extraction stage:

Two-phase separation (clarifying decanter)

In the clarification process, the solids are separated from the fluids. The same principle also applies when the solid material is intended as the yield.

Three-phase separation (separating decanter)

Whilst the 2-stage decanting process separates solid and fluid components, the 3-stage decanting process is able to conduct 2 fluid extraction stages alongside the solid separating procedure, in one single working process.

Other types of equipment from Alfa Laval

Knife mixers

Knife mixers are primarily used in the refining of edible oils for the blending of the oil with acids.

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