Industrial Centrifuges

Besides used and refurbished centrifugal separators and Decanter centrifuges made by GEA Westfalia Separator, Flottweg and Alfa Lava, the Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik GmbH supplies other industrial centrifuges and centrifuge models that can be used for the dehumidification of solid materials, the clearing of fluids and/or the simultaneous separation of two liquids of different densities.

With industrial centrifuges, one can differentiate between the so-called filtration centrifuges and the sedimentation centrifuges.

Filtration centrifuges (filter centrifuges or screen centrifuges)

The used filter centrifuge has a perforated drum (similar to a spin dryer) which is covered on the inside by a suitable (harmonized to the respective product) filter insert.

These filter inserts in a centrifuge can, for example, be:

In the industrial centrifuges, the suspension flows from the inside to the outside through the filter insert and the perforated wall of the drum, whereby the solid material is restrained by the filter insert. Depending on the type of centrifuge, the restrained solid material can be removed from the centrifuge as follows:

  • manually (tubular centrifuge, certain types of pendulum centrifuges)
  • periodically: by a peeling blade being periodically driven into the drum (peeler centrifuges)
  • periodically: by the filter cloth periodically being inverted (inverting filter centrifuge)
  • continuously: by the push bottom performing oscillating movements (pusher centrifuge)
  • continuously: by a screw conveyor permanently rotating with the centrifuge at a different speed on the inside of the drum (worm screen centrifuge)
  • continuously: by an axially oscillating conical drum (Sliding discharge centrifuges)

Filter centrifuges include:

Sedimentation centrifuges

Sedimentation centrifuges don’t have perforated solid wall drums. They use centrifugal force to accelerate the natural deposition process of suspensions or to separate emulsions. Sedimentation centrifuges, in which the suspension and the clear fluid are constantly drained off are called overflow centrifuges. Solid wall screw centrifuges (decanter centrifuge) consist of a fast turning cylindrical-conical rotor and an inside screw which rotates at a different speed to discharge the solid material deposits. They are of importance, among others, during the dehydration of sewage sludge, of mineral sludges (e.g. in the treatment of ore or china clay) and in biotechnology.

Sedimentation centrifuges have solid wall drums (not perforated). These centrifuges are used for the treatment of suspensions.
As a rule the liquid to be centrifuged in a sedimentation centrifuge is constantly added and constantly drained off. For this reason they are called overflow centrifuges.
Things are different with respect to the way solid material is discharged. Here it can be differentiated into:

Following belong to the sedimentation centrifuges:

We have the filtration and sedimentation centrifuges mentioned, available from Andritz Separation (formerly Krauss Maffei), Siebtechnik (TEMA), Heinkel, CEPA (Carl Padberg), Sharples, GEA Westfalia Separator, Flottweg, Alfa Laval etc.

The industrial centrifuges refurbished by Centrimax are fitted with a new PLC control system and delivered with a mechanical guarantee. In this way you get a machine in mint condition.

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