Centrimax – Winkelhorst Trenntechnik markets refurbished industrial centrifuges made by Siebtechnik for the most various applications. As a result of the general overhaul performed by Centrimax the centrifuges once again have a highest degree of reliability and can, with the new PLC system be integrated into the existing manufacturing process without any problems. Our product range includes screen scroll centrifuges type Conturbex, decanter centrifuges and pusher and vibrating centrifuges.

Siebtechnik belongs to the market leaders in the solid-liquid separation sector for the chemical and food industries. Siebtechnik GmbH, the Steinhaus GmbH, the Hein Lehmann GmbH, the Multotec Group and the TEMA Holding N.V all belong to the concern. TEMA is responsible for the marketing. In total the group has ca. 3,000 employees.

Siebtechnik is a specialist in the solid-liquid separation sector. In almost all cases, continuously operating centrifuges are the best solution, technically and economically. The demoisturise large quantities of solid material down to an extremely low residual moistness, need very little space and reduce time and effort in the production.

Siebtechnik has various types of centrifuges in their programme whose mode of operation and areas of use can be described as follows.

Screen scroll centrifuge KONTURBEX from Siebtechnik

The continuously operating screen scroll centrifuges can be used in many applications. Here the solid material retained by the screen is , due to the slope of the conical drum and by the screw conveyor rotating at a different speed, conveyed from the small to the large diameter. Thus different products (e.g. salt crystals of various origin and characteristics) can be separated from the carrier fluid with great success, and, if necessary be cleaned by washing. Depending on the product and due to its wear out stress the screen drum must be fitted with perforated plates or slotted screens.

Pusher centrifuges from Siebtechnik

Pusher centrifuges are very robust, continuously operating machines that can be constructed in single or multi-phase versions. The solid material is retained as cake in a slotted screen basket and, by pushing movements, moved in an axial direction to the discharge. These centrifuges are used when the priority is on the robustness of the machine, and, on low solid material loss during simultaneous washing.

Vibrating centrifuge from Siebtechnik

If the priority is on the highest possible volume performance, up to 330t/h solid material, vibrating centrifuges are used. Here, the solid material retained by the screen is transported from the small to the large diameter by overlaid axial vibrations. This transport mechanism no longer works under high centrifugal forces, for this reason vibration centrifuges are mainly used for treating mass materials that are easy to dehydrate with a relatively good residual moistness.

Decanter centrifuges from Siebtechnik

A particle size of 0.2 mm is a prerequisite or the use of a screen centrifuge. If the particles are smaller, a decanter centrifuge, also named solid wall centrifuge, can be used. Thereby the decanter uses a defined sedimentation speed of the solid material in the liquid. Flocculants are quite often used to improve the sedimentation. The solid material deposited is transported to the conical part of the drum by a screw conveyor, rotating at a different speed to the rotor, and discharged there. The purified liquid is guided to the other end of the drum via an adjustable weir. If one combines the decanter with a screen centrifuge a further reduction of the residual moistness can be achieved, depending on the product. The screened product can be recirculated.

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