Andritz Separation

KMPT ( Krauss Maffei) / Frautech / KHD (Humboldt-Bird)

Centrimax - Winkelhorst Trenntechnik sells refurbished industrial centrifuges by Andritz for the most diverse applications. Once overhauled by Centrimax, these centrifuges once again offer the highest levels of reliability, and thanks to new PLC control systems, can be easily integrated into existing production processes. We deliver, inter alia, peeler centrifuges, vibratory centrifuges, pusher centrifuges, screen scroll centrifuges, decanter centrifuges and centrifugal separators by Andritz Separation.

Through acquisition, former brands KMPT (previously Krauss-Maffei), Bird (previously KHD) and Frautech have been gathered together under the name Andritz Separation.

Headquartered in Austria, Andritz Separation delivers technology that has been tried and tested for decades in the field of filtration centrifuges, including peeler centrifuges and pusher centrifuges from KMPT. Decanter centrifuges and other sedimentation centrifuges from various manufacturers such as KHD/Bird have been gathered together under one roof and developed further.

Andritz Separation offers other specialist centrifuges such as screen scroll centrifuges and vibrating sliding discharge centrifuges. Through the acquisition of the manufacturer Frautech some time ago, Andritz Separation expanded its product portfolio to include self-draining disc stack centrifuges for dairies and the food industry.

In its current product range, Andritz Separation unites all the essential centrifuge technologies under one roof. By its own account, in the field of separation equipment, systems and services Andritz Separation employs over 2,000 people worldwide, spread over 40 locations in 24 countries (as of 2015).

The Andritz Group employs 25,000 people, and provides products and services for hydropower stations, the paper and metal industry and for municipal and general industry.

The main types of centrifuge offered by the Andritz Separation Group (Frautech), Krauss Maffei (KMPT) and KHD (Bird-Humboldt) are:

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