The enterprise Flottweg SE (Societa Europaea) (LLC/Ltd.) was set up in 1932 and today supplies decanter centrifuges, tricanters, sedicanters, sorticanters, centrifugal separators and belt presses.

Flottweg SE has its registered office (corporate domicile) in Vilsbiburg, Germany and is one of the market leaders for centrifugal separation techniques. The Flottweg products enjoy an excellent reputation.

Centrimax supplies already used centrifuges of the Flottweg brand, which are overhauled by Centrimax. The overhauling routines ensure a high degree of reliability. Together with a combination of PLC control facilities, the Flottweg centrifuges can then be integrated into existing production processes without any difficulty.

The comprehensive test-bench running of the equipment before delivery represents an integral part of a reliable quality control assurance for the generally overhauled centrifuges by Centrimax.

The Centrimax range of products, and especially of Flottweg centrifuges include:

Decanter centrifuges from Flottweg

Decanter (2-phase separation)

Solids are transported in a drum via an internal helical conveyor to the conical area of the drum, and then extracted and discharged. The separated fluid flows out between the helixes into the cylindrical area of the drum and is then drained off via a finely adjustable weir, which can determine the level of the fluid in the drum.

Tricanter (3-phase separation)

The three-stage Flottweg decanter enables two heavy fluids of differing density to be separated from their solids. Both the fluids are divided and drained off separately via different drainage systems. The fine settings of the installed stageless adjustable trailing disc can be altered whilst the equipment is running.

Sedicanter (2-phase separation for difficult sedimentable products)

The Flottweg Sedicanter is a horizontal centrifuge, which in contrast to a decanter, works on the basis of centrifugal acceleration of up to 6000 x g. This process enables the possibility of obtaining a high dry content from a wet caked mass, e.g. yeast.


The Flottweg Sorticanter includes a second cone in the cylindrical area of the drum. Solids which are of greater specific gravity than the inherent fluid, are sedimented outwards to the casing of the drum and then transported via the helical conveyor through the drying zone and then discharged. The parts of the mass which are lighter than the fluid float upwards and are then swept by the current to the second cone and are also then extracted via the drainage borings. The fluid is then discharged through the trailing disc to the exterior.

Centrifugal separators from Flottweg

Flottweg separator equipment can be purpose-differentiated as follows, dependent on their underlying operational basis as: clarifiers, centrifugal separators and concentrators

Clarification is to be understood as the separating out of finely distributed solid particles from a fluid. Separating involves the separating of a fluid of heavier specific gravity from a fluid of lighter specific gravity. A concurrent separating out of the solid component is also possible.

Concentrating is to be understood as the separation and/or upgrade concentration of a fluid of heavier specific gravity from a fluid of lighter specific gravity. In this case, a concurrent separating out of the solid component is also ensured.

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