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Quality made in Germany: Completely Overhauled or service overhauled, refurbished industrial centrifuges, decanter centrifuges or centrifugal separators offer many advantages for you. A device with first hand character by Centrimax saves you up to 70% compared to factory new centrifuges. Save your liquidity without taking a risk. Thanks to a stock of more than 700 centrifuges you avoid the usual waiting period.

Experienced experts give the centrifuges a general overhaul or a service overhaul where the machines get a SPS control(Siemens S7). Before delivery all machines are tested on our own enginge test bed. Afterwards we support you in the startup phase as well as in the integration in your processes.

To receive a durable, reliable and long live centrifuge, you should buy second hand centrifuges from specialists, only. With fist hand character. Warranty. And an investment-friendly money saving of up to 70 percent in comparision to new machines.

Mechnical warranty

As a multi-brand expert for centrifuges of all kinds, all machines are undergone a general overhaul or a service overhaul, before delivery and have a mechanical warranty. All the works are implemented and supervised by experienced experts.

70% money saving

We offer generally overhauled centrifugal separators, decanter centrifuges and many other industrial centrifuges of well known manufacturers as GEA Westfalia, Alfa Laval, Flottweg, Siebtechnik, Andritz Separation (KMPT - Kraus-Maffei), Heinkel or CEPA for all purposes. And this with a price advantage of up to 70 percent.

Factory rebuilt / refurbished

The maintainance of a second hand centrifuge is a job for specialists. Our experts have years of experience in the field of cetrifugal separation technology. The first step of a general overhaul is to break down the machine into its individual components.


In the process of the service overhaul our specialists check the essential machine parts for functionality and wear. During this process all bearings and seals are being replaced by original parts.


In general complete- or service-overhauled centrifuges are applied a new, process-specific and customized PLC-System (Siemens S7, OP with visualisation). The control is optimized for the particular centrifuge.

Engine test bed, process of integration and startup

Full-service at it's best. By procurement of an overhauled cetrifuge, you save the high input cost of a new machine and minimize the often long delivery period, thanks to Centrimax's constant availability. If you wish, our specialists even help you in startup and the process of integration on the spot.

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