Hiller GmbH was founded in Vilsbiburg in 1971 and today supplies decanter centrifuges worldwide. By joining the Ferrum Group in 2018, Hiller is now a global partner.

Centrimax supplies used, but refurbished Hiller decanters. As they come with the latest PLC control system (Siemens S7), Centrimax can easily customize Hiller centrifuges to meet customer needs and expectations.

The product range includes Hiller-made two-phase and three-phase decanters.

Hiller two-phase decanter

HILLER decanter systems are available for all sizes of HILLER centrifuges and all 2-phase applications. Process- or industry-specific, available in a hygienic version for the food industry or an ATEX version. The degree of automation is determined by the specific needs of the customer.

Hiller three-phase decanter

Hiller three-phase decanters are also available, both in a hygienic version as well as an explosion-proof ATEX version. The use of the latest control systems (Siemens S7) in the refurbishment of the decanters allows Centrimax to implement any requested product features or customer requirements in terms of automation.

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